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Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer B

@brittg72409 wrote:

Corporate Position in Dallas:


Applied - 4/27/22

Email to Schedule PI - 5/2/22

Phone Interview (PI) - 5/4/22

Email With Assessments - 5/4/22

Completed Assessments - 5/4/22

Invite for a TEAMS video interview with a panel - 5/4/22

TEAMS interview - 5/18/22

Invite for a F2F interview - 5/18/22


My F2F is next week! Send me all the prayers/good vibes possible, please. I’m rooting for each of you. 💕


I’ll post another update in a few weeks. 


I’m saying congratulations this is yours!!! But be your authentic self and smile that’s what they want!!! Keep us posted 

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Explorer B

April 15 Applied for CSA position at MCO

May 2nd phone interview

May 9th virtual interview and job offer

May 11th finger prints/drug test/background

May 18th Email from sterling

May 19th employment screening completed and start date for 6/6/22

So excited to start my new career and be apart of the SWA family!! 💙❤️💛

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Explorer A

I don’t have a lot of dates to report yet, but can contribute something towards the end of this post.


5/10-Applied for Ramp at IND

5/10-Received email to submit questionairre

5/12-Received invite for virtual interview

5/17-Interview on Microsoft Teams (11am)

5/17-Received call offering me position (4pm)

5/17-Submitted background check info

5/17-Uploaded Vaccination Card

5/19-Received email to update DL info (I put the date I got it instead of the expiration date on accident)

That’s all I’ve done so far, but I was told that assuming everything comes back, I will most likely start in mid to late June.


For those of you having trouble uploading your vaccination card, the system doesn’t accept certain file types. It doesn’t accept jpegs and something else. Basically, you can just take a picture of it and try to upload it because it doesn’t work. If you have an iPhone, go to the notes app, start a new note, click on the camera icon that should be along the bottom of the screen, and choose “Scan Document.” When you scan it, it will become a pdf file and you can then upload it on your profile for Southwest. I think Android phones have a similar option, but I don’t have an android so I can’t say how to get there on an android.

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer C



5/11 Applied online

5/12 Email to schedule Phone Interview (PI)

5/13 Received email for tips & tricks for PI

5/18 PI @9A - offered Virtual Interview (VI) at end of interview, scheduled for 5/25

5/23 Received email for tips & tricks for VI

5/25 VI - CJO at end of VI - advised process can take 4-6 weeks to get start date

5/25 Submitted information for background check and vaccination status

5/26 to now..  checking emails and junk emails daily 🙂


Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer C

6/6 UPDATE..  Received emails for fingerprinting and drug test.

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Explorer A

Submitted app for CSA/STL 4/26/2022

interview scheduled 5/10/2022

Interviewed 5/11/2022

Conditional job offer 5/11/2022

submitted background check 5/11/2022

Fingerprinting completed 5/12/2022

Drug Screen completed 5/13/2022
 Screening clearance from Sterling 6/09/2022

Screening clearance from SWA 6/13/2022

Official Job offer 6/14/2022

Start date 7/11/2022

Im so excited y’all 🙌🏾


Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer C

Dallas-Corporate Position


5/12 - Applied online

5/31 - Received request for phone interview

6/1 - Phone Interview

6/8 - Received request for Virtual Panel Interview

6/9 - Virtual Panel Interview

6/13 - Received CJO by phone and email

6/13 - Completed Background Check and other consent Forms

6/14 - Received iForm for Background Check information + References

6/15 - Completed iForm

6/15 - Received request for COVID Vaaccination Card, uploaded same day

6/15 - Received request/form for Drug Test, to be completed within 48 hours

6/16 - Performed Drug Test

6/20 - Received request for W-2s and Paystubs to verify current employment

6/20 to Now: Anxiously waiting the next step and a start date!

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer B

@Redruss91 did you have to do fingerprints? I am also starting soon for a corporate position. I did my drug test and iform for employment and education verification las week, but I haven’t seen anything about fingerprints. Can’t wait to get started, and hope to meet you when we start at HDQ in Dallas!

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer C

@brittg72409 I have not received anything about fingerprints yet. I just want the process to move a bit quicker. I want to know when I need to have everything situated in Dallas, and its hard to get an apartment when you don't know for sure when you are moving in! haha. Hope to meet you as well, as we start this exciting new journey at HDQ!

Re: Please post hiring timelines! 🙏

Adventurer B

@Redruss91 i understand. I’m relocating to Dallas as well, so it’s rough not knowing when I’m going to need to be there, but I’ve been using the time to get everything lined up and ready to “pull the trigger” once I get a start date.