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Ramp agent application status from 6/10/2023

Explorer C



I am wondering who to reach out to to contact about the current status of my application with southwest for a Ramp agent Position at MCO? I applied on 6/10 and have not heard anything since, and just am curious if there are any updates. My application is still showing "In Process".


Thank you in advance!




Re: Ramp agent application status from 6/10/2023

Aviator C

@placematt22  showing in process is a good sign you might be contacted for an interview. I’m sure you can imagine that SW receives tons of applications, so it does take time to review and coordinate. Good luck to you. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion

Re: Ramp agent application status from 6/10/2023


Hey there, @placematt22!


Thanks so much for reaching out and for your interest in a career with Heart! 

There were many applications for that position, and our Team is still working to review applications and find our future Cohearts! You'll receive an update via email just as soon as there's more information to share. 

We know the wait can be stressful, and we appreciate your patience in the process!