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Talent Acquisition Coordinator job

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I recently saw a job posting for Talent Acquisition Coordinator in Denver, CO. When I found out about it February 13th, yesterday, the posting was already closed, literally on the same day (February 13).  It was only open for 3 days. I am very interested in working for Southwest and that position. Is there any possible way I could apply for this position still? Who can I contact to do that? Please and thank you. 


Re: Talent Acquisition Coordinator job

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Based on comments I've seen posted here in the community I think it's gone once it's closed.

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Re: Talent Acquisition Coordinator job

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Keep in mind requisitions have to be posted for a certain amount of time and SWA hires from within often. The job may have already been for someone else so it's better to not get your hopes up for something that was for someone else. I mean that may not have been the case but if it closed that quickly then its possible. You can also make a job alert for positions you are interested in. Good luck!

Re: Talent Acquisition Coordinator job

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According to SWA’s FAQ page:


I was unable to apply before the position closed. Is there anything I can do?
Unfortunately not. In order to remain consistent in our hiring practices and to be fair to all applicants, we are unable to accept a resume after a position has closed. We accept applications for a specific position, and only when the job listing is active on our Careers page

Continue to check for the next posting and/or sign up for a job alert on any job description page.

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