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Timeline for new Ramp Agent

Explorer A

You guys have been so helpful, and I have been lurking everyone else's post while waiting, so i figured I better return the favor.
Shoutout to @TPArampgirl for being so helpful to everyone.


Here is my timeline.

2/2/22- Applied
2/4/22- Filled out screening form in lieu of phone interview
2/8/22- Email sent about setting up phone interview and completing application.
2/17/22 - Completed phone interview, given CJO.
2/21/22- Email sent about drug test fingerprints. Completed drug test.
2/22/22- Complteted fingerprints.
2/27/22- Reviewed on Sterling's site that my background check is complete,
2/28/22 - Email sent that background check is complete, the point of contact going forward is recruiting coordinator, and that USPS screening process must be done before handling US mail.
3/11/22- Email from recruiting coordinator:
"Now that you have completed the Employment Screening process, the next step in the process will be determining your start date. At this time, our Recruiting Team is working on those details."
Please hang tight – once we have a start date, we will contact you as soon as possible."
3/17/22- Email sent from recruiting coordinator:
"Our next start date is APRIL 11TH
Keeping in mind timing of notice to your current employer/Leader, vacations and/or any commitments you may have, please respond to this email within 48 hours.
Once we confirm a start date, you will receive more onboarding information."


I replied that 4/11 works for me.



The waiting to start this awsome SWA career requires patience, but somehow I took stress eating to a new level.



Re: Timeline for new Ramp Agent

Frequent Flyer A

You're welcome! I start 4/4 at TPA and hopefully we will be able to hit TOPS at the same time! Yay! Congrats 😊 

Re: Timeline for new Ramp Agent

Adventurer A

Our timelines are pretty similar and start date is the same. What station are you at? I'm at LGB and just waiting for  onboarding info and SIDA badge appointment. 

Re: Timeline for new Ramp Agent

Explorer A

@jmalloy I am in COS, which SWA opened up a little over a year ago.  


Re: Timeline for new Ramp Agent

Explorer C

I just received my start date 12_12_2022. its another 6 weeks to wait. has anyone started earlier then the date given??