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Waiting to hear back from HR.

Explorer C

Hello, I have applied for a ramp and customer agent in HOU airport and I still haven’t heard back from Southwest. It has been about 2 months. I just want to make sure I am still consider for the roles. Thank you so much! Hope to hear back soon ! 


Re: Waiting to hear back from HR.

Aviator A

Does your application portal still show in process or under review or received? If so you would still be in the running. Southwest receives lots of applications so it may take time for them to contact you. 

Re: Waiting to hear back from HR.

Aviator C

This appears to be a common theme on this board.  If the HR group cannot manage the applicants, reach out to the CEO and advise of your situation.

Re: Waiting to hear back from HR.


Hey there, @Gabrielle2501


Thank you so much for reaching out! And for your interest in joining our Houston Family! 

I took a quick look, and there was a *ton* of interest in both of these postings. That helps explain why the process is taking longer than you (or we) would hope - so sorry for the wait there! 


The Ramp Agent position is well underway, and our Team has been reviewing applications and meeting Candidates in the order they applied. Since you did apply later in the process, they haven't gotten to your application just yet. Fingers crossed they'll be able to meet you and get to know your interest in the role! 


For the Customer Service Agent, the application review for that position looks to be just starting. The Team will also review applications in the order received in order to meet with Candidates, and I've got my fingers crossed that you'll land an interview and get to meet with the Team! 


Keep an eye on your email inbox (and any junk/spam folders - just in case) for an update as soon as one is available. Thanks for checking in on these applications! Rooting for you - hang in there!