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Booking two different return flights

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I have a trip this summer where I know my departure date but not my return date. The return date will depend on how a tournament goes. What I would like to do is make three separate bookings for "Wanna Get Away" tickets

1. Departure ticket for June 25

2. Return Ticket for June 28

3. Return Ticket for July 1


My plan would be to cancel whichever return ticket I don't end up needing. My understanding is that I can use the funds from my cancelled ticket on a future flight (within one year of my original booking) Does Southwest have any policy against doing it this way? It will be much cheaper for me to go this route than to just book one return ticket and try to change it at the last minute when no "Wanna Get Away" fares are left.


Re: Booking two different return flights

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I have done this several times with my sister’s travel volleyball club and I actually have the same situation around that time frame going to Orlando. You can do it as long as you don’t have multiple reservations on the same date but one reservation per day is allowed. 


Just keep in mind the travel funds for the day you end up canceling can only be used by the passenger who’s name is on the reservation. 


Good Luck in the Tournament!


Re: Booking two different return flights

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You will be fine. I do it al the time, too.


The only thing you cannot do is book two identical routings on the same day. The airline will delete one of them.

Re: Booking two different return flights

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@boxofrain1999 wrote:


(within one year of my original booking)

Yes, this date is important, you'll need to complete the new travel by that date!

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