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Cancelled flight/no warning

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Our flight was cancelled and we got no notification.  When i asked how they notified they gave me a 8 digit number. Umm where was the other two?? They can not get me home with my party for a whole week. I checked my account and my number and email are correct. Im now stranded in another state with an infant and toddler and disabled elder. The supervisor thst helped me was no help at all. How is this not compensation?


Re: Cancelled flight/no warning

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Your question isn't exactly clear and since this is a customer to customer forum you'll want to speak with Southwest to get whatever information you need.



Re: Cancelled flight/no warning

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Keep checking the book a flight section of the app people cancel all the time and maybe another flight will open up so you can get home sooner. 


You might also consider splitting up to get home sooner like if your a party of 5 send 3 on one flight and 2 on a different one. 

Re: Cancelled flight/no warning

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If this post if from a week ago then hopefully you are home by now. Hopefully there is not a next time, but if there is let us know the city pairs in case we have any suggestions about what to ask for in terms of the rebooking.



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