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Carry on weight - But easily under size

New Arrival

I have a solid metal item that's pretty small (smaller than a breadbox.  Aprox shape of two bricks long).  But it's 70lbs.

Will that be a problem?  It won't be in a bag as a bag would rip but I'll put a layer of bubble wrap around it.


Re: Carry on weight - But easily under size

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I'm curious if TSA would allow it past security because some might see that as a weapon in an episode of you upset me here's a heavy brick (ouch). If it gets past security and it's in a carry on size bag that fits in the overhead bin I don't see it being a problem as long as you can lift it to put it in the overhead bin yourself because if a flight attendant is asked for assistance they might say you need to check this. Being in bubble wrap you may get a look or 2 from people I think I'd find some bag that could hold it and put it in that. 



Re: Carry on weight - But easily under size

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I've never seen any airline weight check carry on items.


That being said, if it's a small as you say it is, perhaps you would be better off putting it under seat. Overhead bins do have a weight limit. Add other items with yours in the bin and the bin might be significantly over weight. That might be an issue if the plane hits heavy turbulence.

Also, it won't take as much effort to put it under a seat than it would to hoist it over head.

Re: Carry on weight - But easily under size

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Like these gents said, assuming you can get it through security, could you place it in some sort of tote or bag that would fit under the seat? I think that would be ideal.

Here is the full detail about baggage from SW’s site. 

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