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Change in Departure and Return Locations

New Arrival

I came down to Phoenix as a snowbird. I have a return flight scheduled back to Seattle at the end of April. Unfortunately a good friend passed away and a memorial was scheduled for 3/20/20 so we booked booked a RT flight from Phoenix to Seattle for 4days. Now the memorial has been canceled due to COVID concerns.

Questions re: how SW defines a “change” since we plan to come down to Phoenix to check on our home in September:

*Can I change my original itinerary to a RT departing Seattle and Phoenix as the arrival city, with a return back to Seattle? (A reversal of my current reservation.)

*If so, can I change the duration of my trip to 2 weeks instead of 4 days?

*If I can make the proposed changes, what happens to my early bird booking?

*Finally, if this COVID crisis continues, can I change my reservations a second time.




Re: Change in Departure and Return Locations

Top Contributor

Actually, you can change your reservation in any way you desire.


You can change departure city, arrival city, days of travel, duration of stay - as long as you complete travel within a year of the date your original ticket was purchased.


The reservation system will refuse to book travel after the one year mark has passed.


Unless I am mistaken, as long as you change your reservation (not cancel it), you keep your EBCI.

Re: Early Bird/Change in Departure and Return Locations

New Arrival

No you cannot change your reservation to whatever date/itinerary you like and keep your early bird.  We had early bird to boston and it would not let me change to another city later on.  I even called customer service who said "the catch" is you must keep the same from/to cities.  Really unfair.