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Companion Pass Promo Fail

Explorer C

Hey! Who's the idiot who just cancelled and rebooked his companion pass promo flight last night because he needed to change departure city? Yep... this guy. Totally forgot that this was the flight I booked for getting the promo. 😞 And now it's under a new confirmation code. Not expecting any solution here (unless there is a miracle), just wanted to point out.... I'm an idiot. Thanks for stopping by.


Re: Companion Pass Promo Fail

Aviator A

Doh! Sorry, that's a painful lesson to learn.



Re: Companion Pass Promo Fail

Aviator A

Yup,  a different confirmation code booked on a day outside the time period specified by the promotion probably does doom your ability to qualify for the promotion.



Re: Companion Pass Promo Fail

Aviator A

Ouch that’s a painful lesson to learn sorry to hear that 


you could always try emailing customer relations and hope they can be nice and give you the promotion as a goodwill gesture but no guarantee doesn’t hurt to try though.