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Companion Pass not being extended

Explorer C

I messaged Southwest on Twitter inquiring if they would extend the expiration date of the companion pass for those that earned it in 2020, and expires Dec 2021. Their answer is basically no: Hi, Natalie. Thank you for reaching out and for your patience. I'm sorry to say, but we're not currently making exceptions to extend Companion Pass status past 2021. I regret any disappointment this may cause, and we hope to see you and your companion onboard soon. 

Maybe if we contact Southwest and express our unhappiness they will revise this stance. The 2020 people got an extension of 6 months, then a year, so why not extend that same courtesy so those that earned it in 2020 and lost a year of travel as well?


Re: Companion Pass not being extended

Aviator A

Duplicate post

Not really surprising, there are plenty of opportunities to fly now.