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Damaged luggage

Explorer C

Last week we returned from a vacation.  My red Kipling duffel was not on  the carousel. It was close to midnight due to two delays.  I went to the SW Baggage office and inquired about my duffel.  The agent pointed to a clear plastic bag holding what looked like my duffel.  They drug it into their office and opened it.  The bag was completely shredded on on side.  One of the agents said it had fallen off the luggage carrier and drug.  Some of the packing cubes inside were also shredded.  The woman at the desk told me to go through my clothing and hold up the damaged items so she could photograph them.  I had to kneel on the floor as no table or chair was offered.  The two agents standing above me kept saying that if I had receipts for the damaged clothing it would make thing go smoother in my claim.  I separated the damaged items of which several were rather expensive, others were not.  The agent at the desk said locally they could compensate me up to $300.  I told them that two items in the damaged pile were over $400.00.  I did not accept the offer and told them I'd file a claim.  I then asked what I was to do with the items not damaged.  She handed me a duffel bag that would service my items but not one I would purchase.  No choice.  I loaded up the duffel and went on my way.  She handed me a form.  She did not return my damaged items saying that she would forward the photos to corporate.  The other agent seemed more respectful and sympathetic.  i do not feel that I was treated with much respect and in some ways felt rather humiliated.  Hopefully the claim I am making will be honored.  I sure would like a replacement for the Kipling duffel as it has been a favorite along with several items of clothing that were damaged. 


Re: Damaged luggage

Aviator C

I am not understanding how you were "humiliated"?  They show you a damaged piece of luggage and give you the limits of their liability on the spot.  You can file claims for billions of dollars in damages yet the contract you agreed to has a limit to the liability.


Anyone who travels needs to be aware that expensive luggage and expensive items inside the luggage are subject to damage.  Therefore, have luggage that is cost-effective.  As an alternative, see if your homeowner's insurance or any benefits on your credit card cover the luggage and contents that were damaged.