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Disappointment at Dallas Love

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I was a bit disappointed, knowing Dallas Love is a (the) main hub for SWA.  On my flight today to go through TSA there is no A-List bypass line.  At most any other airport I would expect this, but no Dallas Love.  Now before I go on a crazy rant like way too many people on here, I'm just wondering if I was observant enough and missed it.  


Re: Disappointment at Dallas Love

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I presume you just missed it.


Admittedly, I haven't looked for it since I got PreCheck 5 years ago. I know there are lines for PreCheck and Clear.


edit add: Southwest says it has one at Love Field.


Bear in mind, TSA controls all lanes. TSA could close down the Fly By lane just as it occasionally closes the PreCheck lanes. 

Re: Disappointment at Dallas Love

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DFWSkijumper, thanks for the info.  I'm guessing the latter because I was really looking for it and couldn't see it anywhere.  I'm assuming SWA doesn't have any say in what TSA does.  Since I have another trip coming up, I might just ask TSA if I don't see it why it isn't there.