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Hawaii Flights?

Explorer C

Hello, I am newbie to this forum. I have been flying Southwest for 10 years and love their set up.  How do I get to Hawaii (Maui) from MSP  My wife and I are going February 4th to 13th.  We went to OGG in 2016 and want to go back next year for our 5 year anniversary.  We have been planning and saving for a while. We saved 100,000 points for the flights. I called in yesterday and they told me they did not have any fights to Honolulu or OGG even in October-December. Have they stopped all fight to Hawaii?


Re: Hawaii Flights?

Aviator A

I believe you were misinformed.


Southwest is flying to HNL and OGG right now, and there will probably be more flights added

as time goes by.


You can get to Hawaii from San Diego, San Jose, and Oakland


Connections are not particularly good for cities east of Phoenix, so you may need to be creative.

Re: Hawaii Flights?

Aviator A

There's a few things here complicating your plan.  First Southwest isn't selling tickets for February 2021 yet and there's no date announced for when February tickets will go on sale.  You can check this page for that information:


Next, if we use the December schedule as a guide and assume it will be the same in February (this is a big assumption and almost certain to be wrong, but it's the best we can do at this time), it's very hard to ticket a trip from MSP to OGG.  Because of the schedules it's not possible to get from MSP to one of the Hawaii gateway cities early enough to make the connection to Hawaii.  To reach OGG you currently have to fly through SMF, SJC, or OAK and with no non-stops (that I could find) to any of those cities from MSP you have an additional connection to make.


If you are 100% set on flying Southwest to OGG you would need to go from MSP to SMF, SJC, or OAK via a connection on day 1 (first reservation), then stay overnight in SMF, SJC, or OAK, then get on a flight to OGG on day 2 (second reservation).  This is why you will be told there are no flights available if you call and request MSP-OGG, they can't book a flight that requires an overnight layover.


All of this could change after the next schedule release, but I suspect it will still be a pain to get to Hawaii from MSP.  Even if a non-stop from MSP to one of the Hawaii gateways is added to the schedule you would have to leave MSP super early in time to get on a flight to OGG.  I know Hawaii is nice, but have you thought about the Caribbean? 


Happy Anniversary (a few months early),



Re: Hawaii Flights?

Aviator A

There is a way to do what you want - at least in December


MSP/SJC/HNL/OGG      it would be a very long day