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Items stolen from checked luggage in Oakland

Explorer C

I recently had items stolen from my checked luggage flying out of Oakland.  Fortunately I opened my bag at the hotel upon checking in - who knew there is a 4hr time limit to report missing items once you land. Like most people I felt violated, angry and it was the last thing I needed heading to a funeral the next day.  What I will tell you, file a claim w both TSA and Sw because you will definitely come across a lot of scripted “it’s not our responsibility” messaging from the customer service agents.  I had one tell me it was ok to replace my expensive shoes n I’d be reimbursed for both pairs (glad I knew better).  I did get a response from the claim agent who initially said I didn’t meet the 4hr reporting requirements.  After correcting the agent, providing screenshots of the calls along w receipts to everything that was stolen, my case was closed w no detail.  After another follow-up message on my end, I’m supposedly going to receive a check short depreciation which makes no sense because everything was brand new, never used/worn.  So if the check comes there is a lil hope in situations like this.  Persistence and proof is the most important part.  Although exhausting, it did work out for me.  


Re: Items stolen from checked luggage in Oakland

Aviator A

Sorry to hear that you ran in to this situation.


The problem is trying to figure out who stole your stuff. It could be Southwest, TSA or airport employees. Unless there is video surveillance or a sting going on at the airport (due to other reported thefts), there is no way to know

Re: Items stolen from checked luggage in Oakland

Aviator A

What a frustrating experience! So sorry you had to go through that.


-A List, Companion Pass holder