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Kayak Size and Weight

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I will be purchasing a new kayak specifically for travelling soon and I am concerned about staying within the required weight. The kayaks I am looking at are all 8' or less in overall length and  inside a travel bag with plenty of straps to grab onto by baggage handlers.  So at 8' long, what is the maximum weight and width/height allowed?


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Re: Kayak Size and Weight

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Here is what SW's website has to say:


Sports Equipment - Special Items

The items listed below will be accepted as Checked Baggage for a $75 each way charge.


  • Kayak (other than a sea kayak).  Paddle(s) must be secured.


That is really the only detail offered on the site.  I am sure you could get more specific information by reaching out to Southwest directly using one of the Contact Us methods at the link below!


If you get any additional info, please post it here for the rest of the Community!


Also CCing @LindseyD: This has been discussed here before. Did you get any additional info?


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Re: Kayak Size and Weight

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"Contact Us" email and message to Lindsey sent. 

Re: Kayak Size and Weight

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Here is the response I received using "Contact Us".  Unfortunately, it merely regurgitates the policy from the website and is quiet useless in addressing my specific questions. 


Dear kevin,

We certainly thank you for being proactive in contacting us to inquire about our policies. We appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Our bags fly free policy allows each ticketed Customer to check two pieces of baggage at no additional charge (size and weight limitations apply). Customers may substitute certain types of sporting equipment for one of the two free pieces of checked baggage. If the item exceeds 50 pounds in weight or 62 inches in size (outside length plus height plus width), excess weight and size charges may apply. We also have packing requirements for certain types of equipment. We will accept Kayaks (other than a sea kayak) as checked baggage for a $75.00 each way charge.  The paddle(s) must be secure.  For information about how to pack sporting equipment, click here and select “Sports Equipment” from the menu options.

We appreciate your business, and hope you have a great day!



Nichole, Southwest Airlines

The file reference number for your email is 2304533642155.