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My LOVE for SW is fading fast!!

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I will be out of $600 dollars thanks to this coronavirus! Unfortunately for me I booked my grandchildren's at the end of october. They were suppose to come out over spring break. Now I am told I can rebook but have to use the funds by 10/30/2020. They are very busy kids in sports etc. This is the only time they can come to visit! I wish SW would at least give the option to extend the time when i can use these funds that's all i am asking for! I don't understand why SW who has always been the leader become the leader once again and go further then other airlines are doing! I have read on here if I wait and let the credit expire then I can asked to have a luv voucher which will extend the time for 6 months to use and I can use them for anyone but will however have to pay a $100 and hope and pray that at sw's discretion they may or may not give me that luv voucher? please someone let me knows your experience with this, or SOUTHWEST please so your loyal customers here that you really do have heart and extend the expiration date to March of 2021!!!!!! PS. I live on a fixed income and saved for over a year to buy this tickets!!


Re: My LOVE for SW is fading fast!!

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I am having a very similar problem with the deadline of when I can use the funds because of the cancellation of the NCAA tournament due to coronavirus.  I just don't think that they get it.  

Re: My LOVE for SW is fading fast!!

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A lot of people hear and understand your frustration however what southwest is doing is no different from any other airline right now. The Other airlines are letting people change/cancel for free and those who cancel get a travel credit to use within a year of when they booked there flights. All the other airlines are temporarily matching Southwest's policy. 


One idea is you could wait to cancel and hope the flight is cancelled by southwest or delayed by over an hour and they could then look in to a refund. 


If you would like Southwest to look in to your specific case you can reach out though one of these methods: Submitting a Suggestion and/or Complaint