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Panic Attacks

Explorer C



 I am preparing for a flight home to visit my family and I am already anxious. I have been on several flights and always get anxiety during the flights. It more of the fear of being trapped on a plane and having an attack and than others have to help me. I feel so embrassed writing this. I have already spoken with my Doctor . I am using all the proper tools, I know to remain calm and positive. Does, anyone have any words of advice or support to offer? I really am looking forward to seeing my family but the thought of having a panic attack while on the plane makes me sick to my stomach. This is my first time reaching out. I usually just white knuckle through the flight being miserable 😞


I appreciate any support or feedback. 




Re: Panic Attacks

Aviator A

Hello. You are not alone.


Lots of people are afraid of flying. There is nothing to be embarrassed about.


Lots of people have come here asking for help about their flights. Here are a few links to discussions about the topic. They include good information which will hopefully make your trip easier.


Good luck.

Re: Panic Attacks

Explorer C

I used to be the same way.  It was inexplicable as to how my mind was trying to react even though I knew that flying was safe (still is - that hasn't changed) and that there really was nothing to worry about.  For the last 15 years I fly approx 25 weeks per year, so I had to get over that pretty quick.  🙂


  One of the things that helped me was to watch a movie on my phone/tablet and try to concentrate on that before takeoff.  However, it is still important to listen and watch the safety briefing and to this day I still do that.  I find it sort of rude that these people are doing their job and some dude is flapping his gums during it.   


You will be fine and just know that there are probably a lot more people on the plane that have the same anxiety that you do and you just don't know it.