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Poor Customer Service

New Arrival

My daughter went to the Bahamas on relief mission and I purchased her return flight out of DCA to DAL on the wrong date. when I received the confirmation, I discovered the error and phoned into SW immediately to change the flight.  The fair difference was excessive so I decided to cancel unless the fair could be adjusted under the humanitarian nature of this situation.  I was told that the fair could not be adjusted and the only way that could be addressed was to speak to CRD.  I was given the number to call CRD at 8am central the nxt morning.  I phoned CRD 18 times using the number and was able to reach CRD until 130 pm today 9/12.  I was told that the fair could not be adjusted or refunded at that point, even though the notes clearly show that I contacted SW within 24hrs to cancel the fair.  Beyond the fact that I feel SW should accommodate my request due to the humanitarian nature of this issue alone, it is documented that I did make the effort to cancel this fair within the required time frame and would have done so were it not for the notion that CRD could help me.  Obviously, that was a mistake assuming that the UV airline would care about the poor and minority people in the Bahamas enough to assist its customers in assisting in the relief effort.  Mind you this is the same airline that called the police on me, because I refused to take a seat in the luggage claim office in Indiana.   


Re: Poor Customer Service

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@Paladinwar The law allows you to cancel any flight booked within 24 hours for a full refund.  Southwest does not charge change fees, so it sounds like the flight you needed was simply more expensive that the flight you originally booked.  When you change flights with Southwest, you don't pay a change fee, but you do pay the fare difference, if applicable.  As with any airline, the fares are what they are.


On the opposite end of the spectrum, Southwest also offers the added benefit of being able to rebook when fares go down, and depending on the fare you purchased, you will either qualify for the difference in fare to be issued as travel funds you can use in the future or for the difference to be refunded to your method of payment.


In the future, if you need to cancel a flight with SW, you can do that online within 24 hours.  Whoever helped you on the phone would have also been able to make that change, but they can't adjust the prices of published fares.


If you need additional assistance directly from SW regarding this issue, please reach out via one of the methods at the Contact Us link below.


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Re: Poor Customer Service

New Arrival

Hmmmm, sounds like your actions around an airline may not be equal to your actions elsewhere.