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Southwest Airlines want intervien on Costant harrassment by Mexican employee Liz Gonzolez ElPaso

Explorer C

8/22/2019 11:51 am

Southwest Airline continuous harassment of military mother, by south west employee Liz Gonzalez. If you would look at Elpaso Airports videos. This woman has come into my personal space by standing next to me, walking 100 feet to stand by Deltas sitting area where Deltas skycaps sit. Etc. How long will this continue. You know that I have being harassed since March 2019 yet you will not intervene on my behalf. Is it because I’m black? Will it takes for me to retaliate. This is my last request you and your employee must be on the same page of racism towards black people. I was informed to reach out to you for the last time by an attorney and other agency’s My next step is to blast this over pod cast, you tube, and continue over other social media and send emails to government officials. Your company knew that this woman was a danger to me and yet you still do nothing. Although you are my favorite airline and I refuse to stop riding .But after your reluctance to intervenes I’m .seriously considering not flying Southwest airlines anymore .I’m sure that you don’t care .After sending out information about your employee I’m sure you will change your mind. Why is it I get along with everyone but that one employee of yours that you are protecting? I’m seeing my doctor now because of the vicarious harassment by your employee Liz Gonzalez your Elpaso Airport. Your company will be billed for all doctors’ visits and upcoming law suit. I have begged and pleaded with you for help and asking you to talk to and deal with your employee for nearly 7 months now, you still refused. I have sent over 40 emails to Joe Mc Daniels and yet no one will respond. This is negligence on your part. This is my last response to you. I have contacted the Army’s Jag office for assistance to. I don’t understand This is strange land with strange people all I can think of, the reason that you want intervene is that your company as well as your security director Joe Mc Daniels are all of the mind set as your employee .Racist towards black people .This email will also be apart of the my own going messages on Social Media until you do something to stop or intervene.


Re: Southwest Airlines want intervien on Costant harrassment by Mexican employee Liz Gonzolez ElPaso

Aviator A

Since this is a customer to customer forum, you are unlikely to receive a response from the airline here.


I'd suggest that you e-mail the airline. To do so click on "contact us" at the bottom of this page and then select e-mail from the choices listed on the top left of the ensuing page.