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Very disappointed

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I am not a happy customer and i pray i never fly with Southwest again! I flew today 2/8/2018 from salt lake city, UT to Phoenix AZ departing at 12pm. I was with a family of two baby twins and experienced the worst customer service from the flight attendants. I had one flight attendant tell me my carryon bag was "too much" for them and that i should have not brought that on a flight with a baby! The carry on was a small suitcase. This flight attendant also said that the crew from my connecting flight would not help me. How dare her? Tell me not to bring luggage of my choice. My frustration turned into happiness on my next flight from Phoenix AZ departing at 2:45pm arriving to San Antonio TX at 550pm when my family member and I asked for help they responded "How can i be of help to you" and proceeded with assistance. Just disappointed in Southwests customer service and I would rather pay more for better service. Thank you


Re: Very disappointed

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@Rhyliepulsipher, I am sorry that you did not get assistance.  Traveling with baby twins is certainly a challenge.  I generally think, "don't carry-on if you can't put it up in the overhead" when I see people struggling, but I also know that traveling with any baby is a challenge. 


Perhaps that flight attendant was having a bad day (or won't last because a SWA flight attendant job is not everyone's gig).  I am glad the second leg went better. 


Don't give up on the airline because of one experience.  I fly a lot, and I find Southwest people and policies are friendlier than any other airline.  I actually find that paying more often brings less service.


Safe travels to you and yours!

Re: Very disappointed (ME TOO)

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February 21st,2018

30 days ago January 20,2018. I was told that my luggage was delayed and would arrive on the next flight. A week ago I received a msg from southwest stating that they could not validate my claim. (Southwest does not care that my bag was lost on there watch). I contacted the agent who wrote me this denial letter at central baggage and she told me that she would have a supervisor contact me to discuss further options. 30 days and nothing has happened but a denial letter. I have provided southwest with everything they have requested. I truly believe that southwest has made no attemp to locate my bag since the date of travel. I’ve spoken with eveyone at southwest BUT the person responsible for my claim. For whatever reason the person handling my claim will not talk to me over he phone. I think that’s just to add to my frustration. Southwest really wants me to forget they lost my luggage with all my belongings. I refuse to accept this. And am willing take this o the Highest level. Everybody has o be held accountable.

Souhwesr where is your accountability

Re: Very disappointed (ME TOO)

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Things happen. Just forget about it