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Wanna get away ticket question

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I bought 4 tickets to Disney for October for Wanna Get Away.  We had to change our date to come home a day later.  This made our tickets cheaper.  When I called Southwest about it they said that the money does not go back into my account to use but into every individual I bought tickets for.  Anyone understand or know how I am able to get this money into my account to use for my next flight.  My children will not be able to fly within a year again so is this money just lost?  Was to my understanding that the money was non transferrable, but it was my money and they transferred it to my kids and now I am unable to use it.  Any help with this would be great.


Re: Wanna get away ticket question

Top Contributor

Sorry. but no help is available.


The rules are clear; travel funds are issued to the ticket holder and not the ticket purchaser.



You could ask adults to reimburse you. I guess that doesn't work when the other passengers are your kids.

Re: Wanna get away ticket question

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Just think of the later flight as being the same price as the original and enjoy your trip. I assume you would have changed the flight and been happy if the price was the same?