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What can I do about lost luggage?

Explorer A

All three of my bags did not make it to my destination today. I filed a report at the airport, but they have given me no information about where my bags could be.


Is there anything more I can do to get them to locate my bags?


Will they reimburse me at all for what I buy until I (hopefully) get my bags? I’m traveling with my kids and will eventually run out of diapers and wipes from the supply I carried on the plane.


Re: What can I do about lost luggage?

Aviator A

I understand how frustrating that can be, especially with a baby!  Hopefully they will get you squared away quickly.


You can find everything posted on Southwest's website regarding lost baggage here.  The agents who took your report/claim were probably the best-suited to explain any compensation that might be offered.


Generally, you will be compensated for lost luggage by an airlines only after it is truly deemed lost (aka gone).  If it is delayed due to it being misplaced, which is most commonly the case, I recommend you reaching out to your credit card issuer if you used a CC to pay for the trip.  Many credit cards include insurance for situations like this.  Be sure to keep your receipts if reimbursement is a feature you have.


Good luck!

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: What can I do about lost luggage?

Aviator A

@WilDog that is unfortunate!


This is the link to "View Baggage Incident Information".  You can also try calling the airport bagge office.


The following information is contained in the Southwest Airlines Contract of Carriage, the source of the quoted items in italics below:


Southwest should reimburse you for your purchases (keep your receipts):


"7.i.(1)(i)Carrier will compensate the Passenger for reasonable, documented damages
incurred as a direct result of the loss of, damage to, or substantially delayed
delivery of such Baggage up to the limit of liability, provided the Passenger has
exercised reasonable efforts and good judgment to minimize the amount of
damage. Actual value for reimbursement of lost or damaged property shall be
determined by the documented original purchase price less depreciation for prior


Southwest should pay to deliver your bags:


"7.i.(3) Baggage Delivery
(i) General. Carrier will pay delayed Checked Baggage delivery charges only so long
as such Baggage was tendered to Carrier by the Passenger at least 45 minutes
prior to the scheduled departure time of the Passenger’s first flight."

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: What can I do about lost luggage?

Explorer A

I called the main baggage hotline and they offered to reimburse me on essentials if needed.


I also tweeted at them for some extra attention.


Good news is that our bags finally made it, after going through Florida. I was offered a $50 travel voucher for picking them up at the airport myself. Unfortunately, one of my suitcases was missing a wheel but I was offered an additional $75 travel voucher. I’m satisfied!