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booking one way tickets

Explorer B

sorry to ask but have never  booked one way.Nor have I booked swa before.I have been checking prices and they  are changing all the time.So I was thinking to book one way at a good price, then book return when the price changes.Right now one way $94 but return $220.earlier in the month return was under $400 for 2 of us.Is it wise to just go ahead and book the first leg,to lock it in.Thank you


Re: booking one way tickets

Aviator B

Yes book the one ways before they go up.  You can always change when the price goes lower. 

Re: booking one way tickets

Aviator A

Southwest doesn't seem to price flights with round trip discounts, so I haven't seen much downside to booking all Southwest flights as one-way tickets in general which keeps things simple if any changes are made to the travel plans.


Depending how much you fly, you may want to lock in both legs now, and then re-book if prices drop. In that case you would have travel funds to use within a year of the original purchase as a refund of the fare difference. This is pretty safe option if it is likely you'll fly again with a chance to use the travel funds.



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