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Another Write Your Own Caption

Aviator C
We're gonna give Herb a rest this time, and pick on our CEO Gary Kelly.  Last Halloween, he dressed as Wild Bill Hickok, and we know that all you creative geniuses out there in the blogosphere can have fun coming up with a caption for this photo.  (Click on the pic to enlarge.) garykelly_5[1].jpg
Explorer B
Ahhh...finally! I have succeeded in capturing the head of the American Airlines' CEO. No longer will the Wright Amendment stop our plans for GLOBAL FLYING SUPREMACY! Muahahahaha!
Explorer C
Write your own caption................... "Gary likes to stay 'ahead' of the other airlines"
Frequent Flyer B
"Ya see this, Arpey? Yure next, pardner..."
Explorer C
This is the last time you'll complain about additional headroom in the cabin...
Explorer B
"...and this was the guy who thought we should switch to assigned seating."
Explorer A
While escorting us through the hall of experiments gone wrong, Gary shows us the failed cost saving idea of replacing Flight attendents with these beverage despensing talking heads with absolutley no Customer service skills. The experiment was cancelled imediately when they realized they wouldn't be able to demonstrate the seat buckle manuever during the saftey briefing, and didn't smile and say hello to boarding passengers.
Explorer C
Is this what our pilots mean by a.. "Heads Up Display" ?
Explorer C
"Hmmm...if we ever start serving food the catering department might want this!"
Explorer C
It's said...If you rub a bald head, your wish will come true..." WRIGHT GO AWAY"...
Explorer C
Ladies and gentlemen! Southwest's Whack-A-Mole champion, Gary Kelly!
Explorer B
It's called a Dead Man's Hand, not a Dead Man's Head!
Explorer C
The reason we limit the number of drinks we serve in flight is: we will occasionally get a customer who, after a few drinks, will lose his head. You can see the end result.
Explorer C
In my younger days, I sometimes called myself Wild Bill Hiccough, and when i went on the Web, I shortened it to wildbillnum1.