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Ramp Agents Reveal Our Bag Policy

Frequent Flyer C

Our great new Commercials.  Grab Your Bag...It's On!
Explorer C
Funny commercial but....... Why couldn't SWA at least have one or two HOT & HUNKY bag handlers in the commercial? A little eye candy would have been nice!
Explorer C
Wow Marilyn.... If you are complaining so much About "fat" people not being able to ride SouthWEST, then why dont you come up with your OWN airlines that specifically makes "fat" people chairs to accommodate fewer people that what could be put on the plane, then you really should. Their chairs are slightly bigger than most airlines as it is, and if you want to be "fat", then you should PAY the price!!! Go watch the Dr. Phil episode of Being Obese/ Overweight and listen to what goes on with the airlines and their seats!! If you can't fit in them, you shouldn't be flying!!!
Explorer C
Marilyn Wann-- realize that this airline cant afford to pay the passengers who had had an uncomfortable flight, and to be completly honest with you most "overweight" people that fly southBEST understand that this is what it is. the airline designs its seat for thinner people and if you larger then realize that you are in store for SOUTHBEST to ask you to purchase another seat ,ok?