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The Newest SWA Star

Adventurer C

Have you seen the newest SWA Celebrity? 

One of our Culture Ambassadors, Valerie LaGrone, had the great honor of being selected as the cover model for our May 11, 2008 Southwest Airlines Flight Schedule, now appearing in an airport near you! 

It’s a bit of a tradition to have the Flight Schedule cover model “autograph” your copy, so we set up a special book signing event in the Executive Office recently.  Valerie was so surprised by the turnout to get her autograph she was moved to tears (which we all took as meaning the event was a sweet success, exactly what our little celebrity deserved!)

We want to congratulate Valerie on her honor and hope that her smiling face will brighten all of our Customers’ travels!


Explorer C
That is too funny. What a way to have fun at work. I used to collect baseball cards when I was young and still have them to this day. Was wondering does anyone collect these autographed time schedules? How far back do they go? Bradley
Frequent Flyer B
Bradly - the Cranky Flier says in his bio ( ) that he used to collect them as a child...he's not that old, but I imagine he's acquired quite a collection by now. And, I'll suspect that SWA Blog Boy Brian Lusk may have quite a few as well. As for me, I don't have much of a collection, but I seem to have hundreds of the one that my friend and colleague Marilee McInnsi donned the cover of. I swear, everytime I clean our my desk or open a file, there it is!
Adventurer B
Congratulations! That's really neat; it looks like fun! I wish I could have an autographed copy! :) Thought for the day: Why are they called tank tops when they're not made out of tanks? SWA LUV! 🙂
Explorer C
That is excellent! I have my own copy that I specifically went to the airport to get...I enjoy collecting them since SWA is basically the only U.S. Airline who still prints them. Congrats Valerie!
Aviator C
I have been collecting timetables since 1959, and have gone back and purchased older ones. I am honored to have Valerie's cover in that collection. Brian