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Boarding setting arrangement

Explorer C

The worst boarding and sitting  arrangement or lack of I ever experienced in any airline. A third world airline had done better than this. The group boarding and open sit policy is similar to a jungle rule, I thought that I live in a civilized society, but this jungle rule proved me wrong. I just flew to Florida from San Diego and back with my family in separate seats because of the jungle rule. I once flew to Baltimore with my family knowing that we will be in different seat because it was a late booking, but United Airline re-adjusted our sitting arrangement to be together. We booked our flight to Florida 5 months in advance but Sothwest manage to sit us separately. Lesson learned I WILL  NOT FLY SOUTHWEST again,


Re: Boarding setting arrangement

Aviator A

Did you not check-in before going to the airport?  Boarding position is based on when you check-in, not based on purchase date, so checking in 24 hours prior to your flight's departure is fairly important and results in almost always being able to sit together with the rest of your group.  Showing up to the aiport without checking in will result in you getting the worst possible boarding position, and as you experienced, you may be separated from the rest of your group.  Yes, it's different from a lot of other airlines, but if you take a little time to learn about how it works, it's actually a very efficient system.  I understand It's not for everyone though so paying more for an assigned seat on another airline is always an option.





Re: Boarding setting arrangement

Aviator A

lol a 'third world airline' Smiley LOL


Southwest has one of the best boarding processes of any airline because you can pick *whatever seat you want* on the airplane. The earlier your boarding position, the more options you have for window and aisle seats. If you and your family boarded in separately, whoever goes on the plane first can hold a seat (within reason) for your partner. Most people are cool with it, but it *is* first come first serve, so if anyone really wants that seat you are saving, you might have to defend your reasoning for keeping it. In a similiar vein, instead of having the airline (United) "re-adjust" your seating arrangement so you could sit together, the Southwest way is to simply ask for two seats together. People will oblige if you are nice about it.  



Re: Boarding setting arrangement

Aviator A

It works for some and it doesn't for others. Pros and cons. The pros that comes with Southwest's customer friendly policies outweigh any negatives about the boarding process (for me). 

-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: Boarding setting arrangement

Frequent Flyer B

If you have to have a certain seat or have to sit next to a certain person why would you choose an airline that doesn't allow you to reserve seats when you purchase your ticket?


SWA boarding if a free for all. But you know that up front. You don't know where you will be sitting or next to whom.