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Business Select & Companion Pass

Explorer C

I need clarification on the check-in with a Business Select fare with a Companion Pass.  I would love to hear from someone from Southwest or someone with recent experience with this.


With the recent change that when you check-in your companion is automatically checked-in, how does that affect a Business Select check-in.  Specifically...


1.  Do I still have to check-in with Business Select or is it automatic?

2.  Does the Companion get A1-A15 if available?  If not available, does the companion get the best next available spot pre-check in by the masses?

3.  Is it realistic for me to think that I don't have to check-in and my companion will get the best available spot regardless of whether I check-in?



Re: Business Select & Companion Pass

Aviator A

Business Select passengers are automatically assigned a boarding position. You do need to check-in, but when you check-in has no affect on your boarding position. 


Because you have a Business Select fare, your companion will receive no special benefits and must check themselves in 24 hours prior to departure. They will not receive sequential boarding positions or a spot in A1-15. They can purchase upgraded boarding after check-in if you want them to have an A1-15 boarding position.