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I have been through the worst experience today.

I had booked a flight that allowed me to arrive at my destination around 4:30 pm. Unfortunately, my plane was delayed and then ultimately the flight was canceled. I did receive a phone call from Southwest to tell me that my flight was canceled, but the person on the phone said that I would be on the last flight out. Originally, I had scheduled to be at my destination around 4:30 pm. An impending winter storm was expected to arrive closer to 10 pm and I wanted to make sure my wife could pick me up without worrying about icy roads.

The gentleman who called to tell me that my flight was canceled, did not want to know about my concerns and said that I had a choice of taking the late-night flight or a bus. I asked where the empathy was. He said that my concerns could be taken to corporate and that was that.

I arrived at the airport and tried to load my boarding pass on my phone, but the app kept telling me that I had to wait 24 hours. So, I went to the service desk. Before I could get to the desk, the gentleman behind the counter asked if I was needing to check my bag. I said yes, but not right now because my flight doesn't leave for another 8 hours. He raised his voice and said I needed to go to the baggage check-in line. I explained that I would but not for another 5 hours. He refused to allow me to stay in line and said that he was not going to assist me because I had a bag to check.

I proceeded to the baggage check-in line. The lady there was pleasant and very accommodating. However, while I was speaking to the check-in staff member, he walked past her and stared me down on the way. this happened again as he walked past her a second time.

With nothing to do for the next 8 hours, I went through security and made my way to the assigned gate. While I was waiting in the lobby by the gate, a Southwest employee stopped by to let me know that my baggage needed to be checked. I said that I understood. He said that I needed to go to the customer service desk. I explained that I would. He said "well go". I did not. He left with words spoken under his breath. 

Eventually, it was time to check-in my bags. I waited in line. There were two families ahead of me and four families behind me. There were 2 Southwest employees at the counter. One of the families being helped left the counter. The staff member helping them looked past me and helped one of the families behind me. Then another family behind me. I asked the lady at the counter to ask who is next before just letting another pass around me. Her response was that I needed to have my ID out. So, I pulled my ID out and she took it then placed it to the side. Fortunately, the other staff member finished with their customer and immediately assisted me.

So all is good, I now had my bag checked. I went to the gate and let the agent know that I had checked my bag. While again trying to explain why I had to wait, he said that if I was not happy with what he did, I should talk to corporate. And so, here we are.


Re: Empathy

Aviator A

Sorry to hear of your experience. BTW, youcan file a complaaint with "corporate" by cliking on "contact us" below and proceeding.

Re: Empathy

Aviator A

When you do use the “@Contact Us” have your confirmation number handy as they’ll want to know which airport. (Don’t post it here.)

Home airport MDW, frequent visitor to MCO to see the mouse.