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Exit Row Ejection

Adventurer C

Kudos to Rebecca, one of our FAs on DAL-ATL #495 this morning!


I was A22 boarding. When I reached the exit rows on this 800, a woman was sitting in 14E with a purse on D and a jacket draped across F by the window. I asked if the two seats were taken as I like sitting on 14 (particularly the aisle) since it has lots of legroom. She said several of her co-workers were coming. Rebecca asked where the other passengers were and the gal responded they were well back of her in the boarding queue.


I mentioned, “So much for A-list,” and sauntered to my alternate seat preference toward the back.


Rebecca wasn’t going to let that stand. She told the gal she can’t save seats as others have paid premium pricing or have frequent flyer status that enables preferred seating, especially in the larger exit rows.


In just a moment, Rebecca came back and said she had an exit row spot for me and indicated the gal in 14E changed seats. I gladly took her up on the offer.


i don’t mind people saving a single seat for a spouse or family member, but a whole row? And especially the larger exit rows? And for business co-workers? Either buy a better ticket or upgrade at the gate, but don’t purchase one upgrade for the group and then expect to camp out and lock down multiple premium seats.


Grateful again for at least one FA who had some moxie and stepped in on behalf of a premium customer.


Re: Exit Row Ejection

Aviator A

Thanks fo sharing the story. 


I think it's the only time I've heard of such a thing happening.

Re: Exit Row Ejection

Aviator A

I read and respond to many posts here and I'll also comment that seat saving is a topic that generates *strong* feelings.  This is also the first time I recall reading about involvement like this.

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: Exit Row Ejection

Adventurer C

I have replied and posted comments on this issue several times. Saving seats in the emergency rows is a sham and is abused. I have seen both emergency rows (both sides) saved. The FA was standing right there and did nothing. I also saw a physical fight almost break out on the airplane over this issue. The FA told the upset passenger that the person has saved the seats.  What? I thought SW had no saving seat policy.    I wrote the CEO on this suggesting absolutely no saving of seats, period, in the emergency row seats. I got a nice reply back basically saying that SW has no saving seat policy.  I wear a discreet body cam now when flying so I can record such abuses. Many of my friends do as well. Facebook has a couple or more videos of this abuse, one showing both rows saved. I love SW but I am dismayed that SW doesn't cater better to those A List and EB seating. It's not fair to them. 

Re: Exit Row Ejection

Aviator A

I'll chime in and say that if anyone is going to 'save' seats, the Exit Row should not be an option. The A Listers and Early Boarders should get first crack at those seats since they are the first ones on board -- and they shouldn't be able to save them for anyone else. 


I think the Flight Attendant did the right thing! Kudos. 



Re: Exit Row Ejection

Adventurer C

i'm impressed!  Kudos to the FA!


However, I'm very surprised at a business booking >1 employee on the same flight.  A former employer of mine had a strict rule forbidding more than one employee flying on the same flight.  They also had a "No DCA" rule.  Once, to get back early from a meeting, our Chief Engineer of the era and I both got written-up for busting both of these rules!

Re: Exit Row Ejection

Adventurer C



We have a similar corporate policy that limits the number of employees on a single flight (currently 😎 and the CEO and COO can’t be on the same plane ever. I think other execs are limited to no more than two.


Not allowing more than one employee on a flight seems way too restrictive, and not good stewardship of time and money, but I’m sure there are reasons. Well, maybe...


And no DCA? Hmmmm.


On my original flight, there were perhaps six or seven from the same company.

Re: Exit Row Ejection

Frequent Flyer C

It looks to me like SW is waiting to get some free press win a fight does break out over  the saved seat issue.


 I for one wont be on that flight. Southwest is usually the cheapest and most convenient but there's a limit to what I will put up with. Between the saved seats and the ever growing line of pre-boarders, I've had enough of this nonsense. 


From now on I'm only flying where I can book my seat at the time I make my reservation.


 Probably, after the free press issue takes place, you will see SW join everyone else in reserving seats.


 Then, you will see the line of pre-borders go down significantly. You'll see South West have an additional fee to reserve your seat. And you'll see me smiling on a SW flight again.

Re: Exit Row Ejection

Explorer B

I’m “one of those” that saves seats, when traveling with my family. I do have a few rules I like to abide by: no row before row 9 and definitely not an exit row.


I fly enough that I’m one of the first 3 passengers to board after Business Select, but my family ends up in late A or early B.


Saving the exit row is a “no no” in my opinion. Excessive seat saving in the front is a “no no” too. I’ve been on a flight where 2 ladies held 13 seats for friends, in the first 7 rows. 🙄