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First time Southwest flyer: any tips?

Explorer C

Hello! I am flying from NJ to FL using Southwest. I've never flown southwest before and have a few questions & am also seeking any tips for the flight (I also hardly ever fly, as well). -Should i do the early bird check in? -Is the carry on and checked luggages sizes pretty average?

Thank you in advance!


Re: First time Southwest flyer: any tips?

Aviator A



There is a ton of information in the Knowledge Base on this community! That would be a good place to look. 

Also, SW’s site is helpful. 

Be sure to read about the boarding process as well; it is different from most airlines. 

Happy flying!


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: First time Southwest flyer: any tips?

Aviator C



I don't know if you have already flown or not, but here are some thoughts.  If your travel isn't before Dec 1, then don't pay for the early boarding if you're limited in funds.  If you're not, then it could be a good option.  The main key is this!


Since you can't check in until 24 hours prior to the flight takeoff, get all your information into the "Check-In" tab 5 min prior to the 24 check-in time.  Wait, and the moment that the clock hits exactly 24 hours, click check-in and you should get a decent boarding number that will allow you a window seat in the middle to back part of the plane.  Chances are you could be like my wife who often gets between A-40 to A-60.


Bags are subjective.  But if they aren't really OVERSIZED, you should be able to get it on, but it has to be able to fit, without trouble, into the overhead bin.