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Lost Baggage

Explorer C

Here is the email I received from the guy deciding on my lost baggage. What the heck is IX is $552 and bag content is $100? I may not win but I immediately go to court after Wednesday this week.



Do you have your bag at all? I'm asking because we won't pay put for interim expense and lost luggage so I need to know because your IX is $552 and your baggage contents is only $100 so I'm trying to see before we process payment.

Thank you, Taylor


Re: Lost Baggage

Aviator A

Reimbursement for interim expense which I think may be the "IX" - is that costs you incurred due to the missing luggage?


They are asking if you have your bag since they can only pay either lost luggage, or interim expense, but not both.


*I'm not overly familiar with the policy, just trying to rephrase the message.



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