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Pre boarding post-surgery

Explorer C



I had a question regarding pre-boarding after back surgery. I physically look like a relatively healthy adult in my 20s, but i just recently had a pretty intense back surgery. I still struggle with pain, however am able to walk and lift some things relatively okay. Would I be able to qualify for pre-boarding for this? I never tried to pre-board before or flew with SWA before. I would like more information before my flight tomorrow morning. 


Re: Pre boarding post-surgery

Aviator A

By federal law, anyone who claims a need to pre board will be allowed to do so. So, if you think you need to pre board, yes you can.

Re: Pre boarding post-surgery

Frequent Flyer A

Yes, you may pre-board.  When you check your bags at the airport, tell the agent that you want to be on the pre-board due to a medical condition.  You are not required to disclose the nature of the condition, but you may if you wish.


Hope your flight goes well.

Re: Pre boarding post-surgery

Explorer B

You can pre-board; however, you must request that prior to boarding. If you forget to request it at baggage drop-off, try asking the desk closest to the gate for assistance. 

Scott B