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Traveling with a pet

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I'll be traveling with my cat on Southwest in a few weeks, but I'm not exactly sure how traveling with a pet works since I haven't had to do it before. Is there anything  I need to know about bringing my cat on the plane to make sure my trip goes smoothly? Any information is appreciated. Thanks!


Re: Traveling with a pet

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Make sure your cat is comfortable fo the trip. Keep him or her well hydrated and make sure that the cage isn't too restricting so that your kitty has some room to breathe.

Re: Traveling with a pet

Explorer C

Where are you supposed to keep the cage? Just on your lap?

Re: Traveling with a pet

Explorer C

Keep in mind your cat is not allowed outside its cage. 

Re: Traveling with a pet

Explorer A



Take a look at the Traveling with Pets page on, there's lots of great info there about traveling with pets.


There is a $95 pet fee each way to travel with your cat in a carrier that fits under the seat in front of you. The gate agent will also double check that your cat is comfy in the carrier before boarding the plane.


Have fun!

Re: Traveling with a pet

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When and where do I pay the pet fee for traveling with my cat?


Re: Traveling with a pet

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Please be aware that others on the flight and future flights will all be exposed to the dander of your cat- any pet- so please follow the rules and keep the animal in the carrier at all times under the seat in front of you.  Taking the animal out and allowing it to snuggle with you and the seat covers may make you feel better, but if could cause a severe allergic reaction in people like me- you really wouldn't want to send someone to the hospital, would you?