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boarding and preboarding

Explorer C

I would just like to commend the boarding agent name Garrett at the Honolulu Airport. It was gate E1. I use to be an airline supervisor so I am well aware of great service when I experienced it. This agent made his boarding announcements clearly, professionally, not rushed with a "warm" tone. Then as each passenger checked in (I counted almost 90)  he greeted them by name: " Good morning Leah, welcome aboard Laola, thanks for flying George....etc." I have no idea how we was able to read everyone's name so quickly....and who even DOES that?! Garrett does! When I asked him for his name because I wanted to write him a commendation letter he just thanked me and said that he really loved his job. All the flight attendants were very professional as well and I was pleased to find out that two of them were actually from Hawaii: Keola, Angela and Mikaela(sp)  My flight #1096 was on 10/23 and hopefully this news makes it to the supervisors that these employees are managed by. They were amazing. 


Re: boarding and preboarding

Aviator C

That's a great experience for people and great service.  I love these stories compared to the nonsense when someone gets their flight delayed or someone preboarded ahead of their business select, or when they don't get the entire can of soda, etc. 

Re: boarding and preboarding

Aviator A

You can pass along to kudos to Southwest so they can recognize the employee

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