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Awesome Flight Attendant

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I wanted to share our experience with one really amazing flight attendant.  The flight was #2018 from Cabo San Lucas to Sacramento on January 2nd.  Our daughter Rebecca's birthday was that day and we were flying home.  After take off I asked the front flight attendant if she could maybe give a little shout out to my daughter for her 13th.  The flight attendant's name was Angela.  She right there asked me a bunch of questions about my daughter and what she liked and then said "ok, I'll take care of it from here".  A bit later she got on the intercom and asked Rebecca to stand up and Angela made her feel special with all the details I had shared earlier.  Then she turned down the cabin lights and asked everyone to turn on their call buttons (usually flight attendants can't stand those things right?) and then led the plane in the birthday song to Rebecca and then she had to blow out  all of the "candles" - really cool.  She also brought out a cake made with a roll of TP and a crown of snack mix.  Rebecca said she would never forget that flight.  Thank you so much Angela!reb.jpgang.jpg


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Thanks for sharing and acknowledging.  


The marvel that kids have with airplanes is one of the things I enjoy at the airport and in the plane.  (Probably the same reason I went to school to learn how to design them. )

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Thanks for sharing! Be sure to also DM or reach out to the airline directly so this FA can be recognized internally as well! 🙂

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Awesome Flight Attendant

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I'm with the others who have noted your post, thanks for sharing.  I might not have any data to support this, but I would say that if people posted all the "great things" they experienced with SWA, I'd be responding to more posts like this than the ones I currently do.  

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Dear my friends at Southwest airline,

I would like to express my deep gratitude with all of you for what you have done for me on the flight Wn 2345 form Chicago to Harford on 6 January 2021 took off at 5:40pm and landed at 8:40 pm. Especially I want to say thank you very much for the Flight Attendants and the one who took care of me. You were willingly and happily to serve me when i got sick. I had a beautiful flight. Especially your generous heart with me. I really appriciated it and I prayed for you. I am very well now. May God bless you and keep you safely in His Loving Provident.


Sincerely in Christ

Sr. Hoa Tran

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Hello, glad to hear that things turned out well for you.


The best way to make sure the Flight Attendant receives recognition is to send the compliment directly to SW.  If you have the FA's name, please include it. Since this is a customer to customer forum, you are not doing that here. 


Here's how to do so: