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Bring back the Bloody Mary Mix

Explorer C

Why on earth would they take the Bloody Mary mix away ? 


Re: Bring back the Bloody Mary Mix

Aviator A

Use the contact us link and send a message to Southwest letting them know how you feel.



Re: Bring back the Bloody Mary Mix

Explorer C

I bring an empty open sealable shaker bottle, ice strainer, dry mixes in a small container premixed (true lime crystals (amazon), pepper, salt, celery seed, etc), eye dropper bottle with worchestire sauce, mini bottle of Tobasco (amazon) 2 pickled okra in a zip lock, no juice.  The two liquids and okra will go right in your quart bag.  Also there are awesome dry mixes for tomato juice, one from Louisiana with tomato powder just add water!  It is surprisingly good.  After TSA pat down!, buy water or tomato juice and a cup of ice. Put ice in the mixer.  Get on your flight. Remember the ice will melt into water also, so drink it or use it, just don't forget about it.  When time is right, order a cup of ice and vodka or 2.  Mix in mixer, water or juice, drys and or wets and vodka.  Shake and strain into cup of ice.  Add garnish.  Bring a bento with cheese and crackers and sausage.  Sounds like trouble...what else you doing?  LoL.  Practice at home.  Look like a pro on the plane.  A little class goes a long way !!!!   The total dry mix from Louisiana that needs only water is a have to have when your unsure about juice availability.

Re: Bring back the Bloody Mary Mix

Aviator A

Your wish is Southwest's command.


It's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don't know when SW started serving Bloody Marys  again, but it us now


SW wasn't  serving in July, and I didn't check the drink pamphlet for my flight of 10 days ago.

The dead giveaway is the pic of a FA mixing a Bloody Mary on the front page of the drinks pamphlet

Re: Bring back the Bloody Mary Mix

Adventurer A

I was told it returned on August 11th.