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January 11,2023 Awesome Job

Explorer C

First and foremost, I want to say. "Thank You all at Southwest" 

So as January 11th started out was not good for anyone traveling by Air, and we knew that everyone was doing all they could for everyone that was inconvenienced. This day was a day my husband was trying to get to Orlando FL to help get his 85 yr. old mother home to Indy. This also made the 3rd time to try to make this happen. Over Christmas was the bad weather, not anyone's fault other than Mother Nature, and then the mis hap after Christmas, with computer upgrade. With all that had happen "Not Once" did we give up and go to another Airline!!!! And let me say, you ALL THERE AT SOUTHWEST ARE THE BEST!!!! With a 1 1/2 hour delay getting out of Indianapolis, for him to get to Florida to catch the flight to bring mom home. The connecting flight knew he was coming and waited for him to Run from gate 109 to gate 125, for him to make it back home. Thank you for all that everyone that help us as a family to bring home not just 1 but 2 family members  back Home to Indy. I will forever be Grateful for all. We have always flew Southwest and will always continue to Fly Southwest.  Flight 1841 from Indy and Flight 1204 from Orlando.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: January 11,2023 Awesome Job

Aviator A

That's great!


Thanks for sharing the story

Re: January 11,2023 Awesome Job

Aviator A

Great to hear, you should share it with Southwest so they might be able to recognize some employees.  Use the contact us link at the bottom of the page and send a message.