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Limit room to spread out

Explorer C

I was on a 2.15 hr flight the other night from FLL - CMH  with about 16 other passengers on a 737-800.   We were all told we could sit in rows 4-10  no where else.  The first few rows were reserved for the flight crew. There excuse was for weight and balance.  I hardly think on an airplane that size that an even amount of 16 passengers spread out on the plane would be a problem.  There was basically 1 person per side per row.  I would have liked more separation.    Could it have been that it was easier for the flight crew to keep track of passengers if they all sat together?  The flight crew were not concerned about catching Covid 19 since not one wore a mask.    


Re: Limit room to spread out

Aviator A

1) You do not know how much cargo the plane was carrying or in which hold (s) the cargo was in. It makes a difference.


2) 16 passengers plus all of their carry on stuff might alter weight and balance characteristics of the plane.


3) weight and balance matters. Too much weight forward and the plane adopts a nose down attitude that makes it hard to control.Too much weight aft and the plane adopts a nose up attitude that makes it more prone to stall. 


The FAA requires airlines  to make the computations before every flight.


Besides you did say that there were 16 pages and 7 available rows. That's a little more than 2 passengers/row. Was that not enough room to spread out




Re: Limit room to spread out

Explorer B

I agree with the other response. Perfectly said. 

Re: Limit room to spread out

Aviator A

You can read more at Southwest Promise to learn all about what the experience should be like on SW from a cleanliness, spacing, and personal protection aspect.



-A List, Companion Pass holder