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Re: No Internet Connection Wi-Fi

Aviator A

@Brian_deen wrote:


I hope that Southwest Airlines takes note of these issues and addresses them promptly. It would be beneficial for them to invest in improving the reliability and performance of their in-flight Wi-Fi service to provide a more seamless experience for passengers who rely on internet connectivity during their flights.

Overall, while I appreciate the other aspects of my travel experience with Southwest Airlines, the lack of internet connection and the Wi-Fi issues I encountered were a significant drawback. I hope that steps are taken to rectify this issue, ensuring that passengers can enjoy a reliable and consistent Wi-Fi service on future flights.

Note: This review is based on a personal experience and may not represent the overall performance of Southwest Airlines' in-flight Wi-Fi service, as individual experiences may vary.

Southwest is well-aware and working on major upgrades right now - however your experience may vary as the rollout hasn't reached all of the aircraft yet.


If you paid for internet and it didn't work, you should ask for a refund. Use Contact Southwest Customer Service methods below. 


On future flights I would plan for the worst case and bring offline files, and even when it is working great I wouldn't plan on it being remote desktop quality - expect to be able to do things on the web, email, etc. but file servers may overwhelm the legacy systems. The new upgraded aircraft are expected to be much more bandwidth.





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Re: No Internet Connection Wi-Fi

Explorer C

I found a solution that might work for some people.

This was on my Android 12 phone

Somewhere along the line I had switched my DNS setting to use a private, encrypted DNS server.

But of course when first connecting to the inflight WiFi, you don't yet have internet access to access a private DNS server.


I fixed this, for inflight success, by going to
Android settings


More connection settings

Private DNS

Changing it from Private to either Automatic or Off


Re: No Internet Connection Wi-Fi

Explorer C



I was having the same problem forever. You have to click onto the 'southwest wifi' button (even if it says 'no internet connection'), it will take you to a window with all these network options (like IP address etc). Scroll down a bit and you should see an option that says Private WiFi Address. Disable it and you should be able to get online.


Hope that helps!

Re: No Internet Connection Wi-Fi

Aviator C

If the wi-fi is not functional above 10,000 feet, request a full refund.  I do and I do.