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Safe and Happy Travels this Thanksgiving

Frequent Flyer A

Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving Holiday everybody!


SoCalFlyer97 is home for this special day but if you're travelling later tonight or tomorrow...


Some holiday travel tips:




• If you're having a family member or friend drive you to the airport, give yourself lots of extra time. There's likely going to be a large queue of cars waiting. Prepare for the traffic ahead of time for less surprises.


• Check and see if your airport has free unrestricted shuttle service from an alternative pick up/drop off point so you don't have to drive up to a traffic-congested terminal. For example, SAN has a free shuttle that connects to the San Diego Old Town Trolley Station every 15 minutes. Likewise, the car rental facility at LAS is a great alternative for pick up's/drop off's too; just be sure to allow for extra time in case there's a line to get on the shuttle.



• If you're leaving a car at the airport, check the airport's website to see if you can prepay the parking tolls. Airport parking can get very pricey but knowing the rates and paying for them ahead of time can save you some unexpected sticker surprises.



• If your flight is delayed, still arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure. The estimated actual departure often fluctuates and has been known to "recover" minutes or even hours as the airline works to resolve the delay. Don't be the one who misses the flight by not being at airport on time.


At the Airport:


Take advantage of the Southwest Self Serve Kiosks to:
Print Boarding Passes
Print Baggage Claim Tickets
Change Your Flight


Also the Southwest App to:
Change Your Flight
Same Day Standby List


TSA Checkpoint Tips:



Download the MyTSA App to check estimated TSA Checkpoint wait times at your airport in advance. Again, less surprises.


If you have Southwest Business Select, Anytime, or an A-List without PreCheck, look for the Priority Express Lane. That's your special lane!



• Several airports have interlinked concourse or terminal airside connectors. That would allow you to use a different TSA Checkpoint in the event the one at your terminal or concourse has a long wait. Be sure to first check with your airport for your options and the extra walking distance required. Some airports like PHX will even mention this on their status monitors.


• Don't forget to empty (but keep) your water bottles before you get in line!


• Have both your boarding pass and ID ready to go at the ID check booth. TSA doesn't always require the boarding pass, but sometimes it does.


• Follow TSA's policy on 311 liquids to the letter.


• When you're going through the primary inspection area, standard screening requires that all items be placed in the tray for screening including jackets, shoes, belts, laptop, and your 311 liquids bag. Have those ready to go! If you've got PreCheck, you know the drill...


• And of course, follow the instructions of the TSA agent, especially if you get pulled for a secondary.






• Don't forget to refill 'em water bottles! Have those and some extra snacks in your personal item bag beneath your seat in case your flight is bumpy and there's no snack/beverage service as a result of it, or if your flight experiences a prolonged tarmac delay. 


• Try to use the bathroom at the airport before you board your flight. That will reduce the likelihood of having to use the restroom on the plane or be in a situation when you got to go whenever the seatbelt light is on.




• Head to your gate and confirm the status and board time for your flight. If you've got more than approximately 30-45 minutes before board time, feel free to check out the amenities or utilize an empty gate space. If you're within 30-40 minutes of board time, be near the gate area. 15-20 minutes prior, stay at the gate and be ready to listen to the boarding announcements!


If the plane that you're to board is not yet at the gate, you can track it real time with FlightAware or FlightRadar24. Once I see that the plane has landed, that's the time I usually make my way back to the gate. 





• Listen the Ops Agent carefully during boarding announcements. This would be an ideal time to combine all belongings into your carry-on and personal item.


• Stay seated until your boarding group is called forth.


• Have your boarding pass ready to go! Screen brightness for digital passes turned all the way up


On the Plane:


• Pick any available open seat. Once you pick your seat, try to clear the aisle as quickly as possible.




• Large Carry On's in the bin with the wheels facing in or out, not to the side; smaller personal items or bags under the seat in front of you (of course, leaving the area around your feet clear).


• Unwritten Rules: When I find an empty seat but somebody else is occupying the other seat, I politely ask them if the seat is available; if they say it's "taken", I move on...Likewise, I don't save seats. Also, the unwritten rule states the one in the window seat decides on the window shades; the one in the middle seat has the armrests in between the seats.


• If the plane has a tarmac hold that may result in a tight or missed connection, let a Flight Attendant know. They may allow you to exit the plane first upon arrival at their discretion.




Most of all: Be patient. Be kind. Be loving in your holiday travels so all our families can be happy!


Safe travels out there and have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!


Re: Safe and Happy Travels this Thanksgiving

Aviator A

Good reminders. Thanks for sharing!


Have a nice turkey day.

Re: Safe and Happy Travels this Thanksgiving

Frequent Flyer B

same to everyone