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Earning points

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Hi- Can anyone tell me if you earn tier qualifying points when you pay invoices/bills to vendors through quick books online? I have the option to use my credit card but it charges me a 2.9% fee. Just want to make sure i earn points before paying the fee. TIA!




Re: Earning points

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Boy that 2.9% surcharge would scare me away from paying with a card to get any kind of  points unless the dollar value of the points exceeded the cost of the surcharge. As I understand it, currently a Southwest point is worth 1.37 cents and you would be paying 2.9 cents per dollar spent on the Credit card to get 1.37 cents. That's 1.53 cents to the negative.

Other folks here may be able to do the math better but I would have doubts that the value of the points earned would counteract the 2.9% increased cost of every bill you funnel through that method. I could be wrong 

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Re: Earning points

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Besides the poor rate of return, the points earned from spending with a Chase Southwest credit card are not tier qualifying. Credit card spend points are companion pass qualifying. Chase does offer some cardholders a tier qualifying points bonus after reaching a spending threshold, but it's not a ton and not worth the extra fee just for those.



Re: Earning points

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Your math is close enough.


It is not a good idea to pay more for your points than they are worth. 

Re: Earning points

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Only if this was the last bit needed to tip you over companion pass for instance.



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