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Expiring credits that I can't use

Explorer C

 I have a $70 flight credit expiring next week that I won't be able to use. Can I just book a $69 southwest flight and check in but not actually make the flight, so I at least can get some rapid reward points from the flight instead of the money going to complete waste?


Re: Expiring credits that I can't use

Adventurer B

Yes you can but it would be a fruitless exercise as you would only accrue miles if you actually board the flight and not just check in for it.

Re: Expiring credits that I can't use

Aviator A

Nope, that won't work. Unless you can travel before expiration there's no benefit or value to you.



Re: Expiring credits that I can't use

Aviator C

Nodda, this is why I continue to encourage folks to periodically go in and check their SWA account and other information even if they aren't scheduled to fly soon.  I'm guessing I see this exact same post about credits expiring and can't use them 20 times a year in this forum.