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Southwest Credit Card

Explorer C

I have the chase southwest card and we decided to use that card as our primary method of payment to rack up points. After a few months of doing this I went to register for a promotion (which I have been doing all along) but this time I get a message that says this card is no eligible for the promotion. Nothing in the fine print would indicate why this card wouldn't qualify. Then a new promotion came out and I tried to register for that one and I got the same message. Am I being penalized because I use the card too much? I tried emailing but not getting any response. They even spend the money to send a postcard to my house telling me about the promotion, but again I cannot register for it. Makes no sense to me!


Re: Southwest Credit Card

Aviator A

If I were you, I'd call Chase and ask what is going on.

Re: Southwest Credit Card

Aviator A

I get these also, the Signature, Plus, Premier, and Priority versions of the card have different eligibility.  

Mainly that it was never eligible for Signature card.



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Re: Southwest Credit Card

Frequent Flyer A

Would you mind sharing the specific promotions you are being excluded from?

That could be very important along with the type of Chase Rapid Rewards CC you have. 

Re: Southwest Credit Card

Explorer C

Any update?

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