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Bogus weather delay

Explorer C

Oh I did so helpful I had to come up with my own strategy to get home.. not only that I’m watching an American Airlines flight depart to Chicago as my flight is cancelled because of “weather” it’s BS it’s either staffing or southwest is having issues blaming it on weather to not give anyone vouchers as so many airlines are going there today!! Shame on southwest now I’ll be I. Fort Lauderdale all night. Bogus weather delay 


Re: Bogus weather delay

Aviator A

Duplicate post



Re: Bogus weather delay

Aviator A

If your plane can't get to you because of weather then your plane can't go.


Your welcome to share your feedback with southwest directly Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Bogus weather delay

Adventurer C

Yup , terrible experiences. Pretty usual of Southwest... "we didn't want to hurt our reputation so we canceled 300 people's flight." 


Had a flight get canceled from Orlando last month. They reschedule me the next day on a connecting flight through Pittsburgh to denver. The rescheduled flight was hours last leaving despite clear skies. Afterward communications went down In denver. Sat in an empty Pittsburgh Airport with no vouchers,  compensation, or basic care for people who spent hundreds on a flight thats taking days too long. Nothing. 


I've drove from Florida to Colorado 3 times so far. Would take the drive over a southwest flight anyway at this point for that route. At least I know what say ill get there