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Leg of flight completely cancelled

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I booked a multi-leg flight on 4/29/21.  Just 3 days later, I was notified my itinerary has changed.  Not a big deal, I've flown southwest for 15+ years.  This happens.  Usually its a time change.  BUT when I dug closer into the reservation one leg was completely removed, and from my origin city!!  So even though I live in Providence, they removed my Providence to Baltimore leg and have me leaving from BWI now... I guess they want me to drive to Baltimore to get this flight.  It says in the itinerary change email, "Your reservation is confirmed and no further action is required"  If I didn't notice this and let it go for 14 days I would have been stuck with no flight out of Providence and would have had no recourse.  In a major change like this SW really needs to proactively reach out and call the affected customers.  If customer service and "Luv" of your customers is truly a tenet at SW then this policy needs to be looked at.  I understand that things may be changing based on travel nationwide starting to pick back up but these types of situations would make someone leave an airline after many, many years of loyal flying.. Just sayin..  I was able to get through to a representative after about 20 minutes (not bad) and she honored my price to change to another flight.  She also told me to "keep and eye on this" for any other changes..


Re: Leg of flight completely cancelled

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Sounds like you were able to get the issue resolved which is good news.  Yes, you should have received an email notifying you of changes to your itinerary, but sometimes they either go to the junk folder or don't make it to the intended recipient.  Since this is a customer to customer forum, if you have comments or suggestions you can make those directly to Southwest, Contact Customer Relations 



Re: Leg of flight completely cancelled

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@csschena wrote:

   In a major change like this SW really needs to proactively reach out and call the affected customers.   


I'm glad to hear that things were resolved.


Southwest flies over 100,000,000 passengers a year. It is not reasonable to think that it would contact people by phone to let them know of schedule changes.


Southwest did notify you of the change. You chose to not read the e-mail.  That's not Southwest's fault.