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Scam cancellation website

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Just a warning to everyone. My mother in law searched google to cancel her flight and was directed to

She called the number on the site to cancel her flight, where they proceeded to take her flight identified and name, and told her she could cancel the flight for 30 dollars per person. They then sent her a paypal invoice for 60 dollars using the title Southwest Airlines Cancellation Fee, and even walked her through how to pay for it. They did cancel the flight, but she is out $60 because of this. We probably would have never known about this if she didn't call us to talk about the horrible service she received from Southwest, which we immediately questioned until we figured out what happened. 


I understand this is not Southwests responsibility, but they are blatantly claiming to be Southwest and taking advantage of people. 


I appreciate letting me rant as I'm getting really frustrated with the amount of fraud happening everywhere. Cheers.


Re: Scam cancellation website

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Thanks for the heads up.


I hope there's a way to make the general public aware of this scam because the people that are likely to read about it here already know that there is no fee to cancel a SW flight.

Re: Scam cancellation website

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I would Contact Customer Relations and let them know so they can investigate it and take appropriate action. Sorry to hear your mother in law is now out $60 because of this scam site. 



Re: Scam cancellation website


We're so sorry that your mother-in-law encountered that fraudulent site, @fluxin. Please know that I have shared it with the appropriate Teams internally, and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention.


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Re: Scam cancellation website

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Southwest is on the case. That is why We own stock in Southwest Airlines.

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Re: Scam cancellation website

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Wow, what a terrible scam! I am sorry your mother got caught up in that. For the future know that Southwest doesn't charge anything to change or cancel flights!



Re: Scam cancellation website

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Notify paypal