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Re: Southwest does not care about how it impacts it's paying customers.

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@tctmonkey wrote:

Well, If the schedule was to put me at my place of employment and I can provide I am docked pay for missing that day and I provide them with the proof it should be pretty easy.   I am sure my employer can create the required official documentation.  To your point of PTO, I shouldn't have to use my PTO for their error. 


Sorry, but no airline is going to pay your wages because a flight was cancelled. The airline told you what it would do in the event of cancellation via it's contract of carriage. You agreed to that contract when you bought your ticket. You have a way to be made whole. It's called PTO and that is one of the reasons it is out there. - for unexpected circumstances.


As said earlier in the thread, maybe if you complain to Customer Relations, you might get a voucher good for future travel on Southwest. That is really your only recourse


You may not like that, but it is a fact.


They failed to crew the flight they scheduled, I have absolutely nothing to do with their staffing other than paying the fair. 


Please explain how you know that. I would have expected that tidbit in your first post, and not well into the thread.



 No one gives me a handout, why should I give a billion-dollar company one?


How, in this situation, are you giving Southwest a handout?


Re: Southwest does not care about how it impacts it's paying customers.

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I've had quite a few flights canceled and rebooked by SW. I rarely like the alternate flight they give me but I've never had an issue with their customer service getting me on something that works better for me.


I'm flying BWI to PHX in September. I had a direct flight that was cancelled. The alternate flight plan had two stops and added 5 hours. I have a dinner meeting on my arrival date so that wasn't going to work. Called SW and rescheduled. Not exactly what I wanted but I'm still getting there in time for my meeting.


Cancelations aren't limited to SW. Air France canceled a flight to Turin Italy and rescheduled me for the following day. Didn't want to give up a night in Italy so we booked a day earlier and spent a great night in a B&B at a vineyard. It cost me some money for the B&B but we made Lemonade from Lemons. 

Re: Southwest does not care about how it impacts it's paying customers.

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Southwest is not doing a good job of handling this entirely self-inflicted situation. My flight on Monday was significantly delayed. They knew that this would be happening by the middle of the previous day. They notified me at 2:30am for a 6:50am flight. If they had notified me the day before, I could have possibly rescheduled. There were other possibilities. This was poor handling. Southwest should do better at being proactive in handling problems caused by poor management.


However, I did get an email from them later in the week giving me $100 of LUV. I'd rather they had get me to work on time. I'd rather they would have let me know about my delayed flight earlier. I suspect it was easier for Southwest to make me late to work than to deal with me trying to reschedule. For that, Southwest, you suck. But, as bad as Southwest is sometimes, they are generally better than any of the other choices, and no one else would have proactively sent me a voucher.


Now, if SWA stock would just improve. I've lost a chunk of change on SWA and BA stock in the last few months.