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Trip for March 2020 During COVID - Not Extended

Explorer C


I booked a trip to Kauai back in early January-'20($385), but I was so scared of the Coronavirus news and cases that on the 22nd, I canceled the trip(Set for March-'20).

The funds expire on 1/6/21 and I have not been able to use them since the ever-increasing amounts of COVID cases in the US and being an essential worker this would put my job and livelihood in danger.

I noticed that my other canceled trips had their expiration dates pushed to 9/7/22(or RR point transfers), but not the first trip for March. This was right when the country when put on lockdown.

This is a lot of money for me to just lose as I cannot use these funds before January as the COVID case are increasing more now than ever.


Has anyone else experienced this and if so, what did you do to get your money back or even just Rapid Reward points would be fine.


Thank you and Stay Safe,


Re: Trip for March 2020 During COVID - Not Extended

Aviator A

Here's what happened:


Flights cancelled before 3/1/20 have travel funds that expire one year after the purchase dates.


Flights cancelled between 3/1/20 and 9/7/20 have 9/7/22 travel fund expiration dates. 

Re: Trip for March 2020 During COVID - Not Extended

Aviator A

Unfortunately, you missed both opportunities to:

a)extend your travel fund expiration


b)convert your travel funds to Rapid Rewards points.


At this point there's nothing you can do besides use your funds before they expire or let the funds expire and within 6 months after expiration call Southwest and request a conversion to a LUV voucher that must be used within the next 6 months.  The value of the travel funds will be reduced by $100 each when you convert.



Re: Trip for March 2020 During COVID - Not Extended

Aviator C

sorry to hear of this, as shown, you missed the deadline.  I know that when the opportunity to do this was available, you could have possibly still considered going as nobody knew this pandemic was going to get worse.  Yes, that is a good amount of money, but hopefully, things work out for you.